Tuesday, September 05, 2006

too late??

nothing that i want to write in these days! now is summer vacation and i finished the lecture. i joined '' techeing technique of japanese'' lecture which held in Saitama where i took two and half an hour to get from my house

yes yes it was bloody far!!!

before the summer vacation begin, i registered for a volunteer organization in my school and i am interested in teaching japanese for children. simpley i was wandering how we learn anothere new language, not only speaking but also writing and reading. children, they are amazing... their assimilation of knowledg is wonderful! i was thinking why i can speak both japanese and chinese and when i started to speak them? actually i do not know... i can speak both languages when i realize it. sometimes my frends asked me why but i always could not tell the answer. so, i asked my mom when i start to speak two languages. the answer was that i could not speak japanese fluently before i enter an elementary school but i could speak japanese a littele because my dad spoke to me often. i got into japanese elementary school so i needed to study it. i think why i spoke chinese first and it maybe because i was born in taiwan and i was surrounded by chinese. i remenber we went to retal vedeo shop to rent some japanese cartoon and i loved watching it=)

children, thier mental faculties are beyond our expectations. they can do what they want to do and we need to suport them but we can not tell them the answer. telling the answer is easy but finding is not. showing the idea is easy but thinking is hard. they should think about any tiny subject and have their own thoughts. we can give them some interesting subject to discuss and we can give them chances to show thier thoughts.

i am lucky i can speak two languages and it brings me a wider word. i want to tell the children who does not want to study how word big is if they can speak anothere language. i regrets why i did not study more what i was interested in during childhood.

so now, i try to do what i am interested in. english(of course!), teaching japanese, speech contest and philosophy. study more when you are young and keep having the passion in your hart!!

nothing is too late to start, i believe!