Wednesday, July 05, 2006

speech contest

well, long time no see! i have not writen for a while... i can not believe these days were really busy.
i took part in speech contest that my university hold. i got 3rd prize. i was really happy and i did my best. speech was for 4 minutes and subject was open. so, when i decide to do my speech, i needed to write what i want to say and try to tell. about my future? about my freinds, family, school life, experiences??? in my head, so many thoughts were runing and i could not do anything. too much "???" above on my head. i was trying to tell my future and i was trying to write. but i could not. i have no idea and no sentence hit on me. what i want to be and to do? i really had no idea. i was thinking thinking thinking!!! all day i was thinking about my future. but i can not find the answer. i do not know what i want to do.
finally i found out i can not answer this question now. i need to take more time and need to know about me. so, what was my subject? my subject is "live everyday"
have you ever thought about why everyday is coming? we woke up and go to school or work then go home, sleep. that's what we do everyday and that's what i wondered. my school life is ok and eberything goes well. i want to change my life and make it more interesting. that's why i am living in this word and the reason why we are in this word is we need to find or make the worth in our life. even in this moments, you can learn from a lot of things or from your freinds, family or books. if you want to do change your life, you need to use your power. you can not be lazy. i know i am lazy! and i can see how boring my life is! how easy my life is now! i do not mean we need to make our life hard but at least, life can not be too easy you know? if it is and you want to change your life, you can not stay at home on weekend and wait the chance is coming to you. chance never say "hello" to you if you do not say "hi" to them. (aaa... my explanation is so bad..)
anyway, i took part in speech contest because i want to know my english is good or not. i want to know are students in my college interested in english and their life?
and, yes

i want to make my life interesting.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you have good english, dont worry!

November 14, 2006 5:33 AM  

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