Saturday, May 27, 2006

what do you want to be?

what do you want to be? housewife? besinessman? everyone want to be a successful person. so, do i. but i know i can not be and every one just believe they can be. can anyone say ''i am a perfect!''? why you can say like that? who judge you are perfect? that's the question.

i have no idea what i want to be and do. i am interested in english and i study english, but what i can do with it? my english is not good enough and i need to improve more in this two years otherewise i will be lost in my life. i have nothing which attract me. why do i study english so hard everyday at college? because theachers gives us homework so much and we have to do. because we have test almost every classes and we need to have good score. is our dicision there? yes and no. but, my dicision is not there i think. i can not find where i am standing. too much choices surrounds us in now a days. you can have alot of information and it is very rare to find a job which attract you. have you ever thought about your job is very valuable in this world? of course i do not know alot and i can know slowly. i do not have a time but i should not decide this thing easely. if i will not be able to find, it will be ok. take the time and see a world with my eyes. i know it is not right. but what can i do?

what do you want to be? good person? kindfull person?

i want to be a helpful person.


Blogger Mr. Ballistic said...

Your english seems excellent to me.

You seem to know enough english to write a good essay, but not enough English to pick up any slang or bad habits. That is not a bad thing in itself.

What few people outside of USA know is that there are MILLIONS of people that do not speak English here. As long as you visit the big cities on the coast like New York, Seattle and San Francisco no one will be mad at you for sepaking Japanese.

June 14, 2006 10:12 PM  

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