Saturday, April 08, 2006


well, my college have started on the April 2nd. cherry blossom was blooming and it was really beautiful, i forgot to taking some pictures of them! i attened an entrance ceremony with my mom and i was wearing the suit. in japan, we have an entrance ceremony for new students on April and we need to wear the suit.
it was raining in the afternoon... =( my college is really far from my house. it takes me to get college two hours by train and train is really really packed!! can you believe some one could be died especially during the summer because the train is too packed!?
college is not so big and most of sutudents are female! and they are really... 'Japanese' i think... yes, they look like young japanese women. if you can not understan what i mean, please find some japanese women magazine and you can see them on it. yes, they are really skinny!! i can not belive that they are so thin!! their waist like my head!!! Are you human? hahaha, yeah that's what i want to ask! japanese woman...Amazing! they wear different cloth everyday, they put on makeup everyday properly, i can't do that! may be i can, because i am japanese as well!
i will be very busy, i need to work really hard everyday and i hope my english will be better especially my vocablary and writing. alot of interesting classes there and i want to take them as much as i can.
It will be fun! I believe that my college will bring me a new life and new world!


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まぁこんなんだけど、応援してくれよ( ノД`)




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