Sunday, March 19, 2006

journy to UK!

I went to uk and i have been there for two weeks, it was first time for me to visit uk and i had really really good experiencese, memories. it was long long flight after i got uk finally... i met nice japanese women on the plane and we talked about random things. i could not have a rest propary because i am not used to have such a long flight and it made me feel a littel bit sick!

England was beautiful place. everything is completely different to japan like foods, people, fation style, culture and weather! that's really interesting for me. i had not been anywhere but japan and taiwan, this journy make my word expanded.
darling, thank you for everything and helped me to do in uk. i was happy i could spend a time with you and know the country where you grown up.

thank you for your kindness Mr and Ms Liew and lucy!! i am really glad to meet you and spend a nice time. i hope you are doing well and come to japan! we are waiting for you!!


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