Tuesday, February 21, 2006

my minds...

in these days, i have been thinking about myself. this question is very interesting but annoying me as well. so many people said to me '' you look so young!!'' yeah, i know i look very young and someone can not believe me true age when i said it to them. however how about my inside? i look like 18 years old so my mind and mental age is 18 years old as well??? no... i hope not. may be i am not mature as my class mates because i have not got into university yet then i have not learnt so many things in a small society yet.
but, i am thinking what people recognize ''adult''. what is the adult and what is to be mature? i can not find the answer still now. i have never thought that to be mature is really hard thing you know? ''they'' need to put up with alot of things and ''they '' sometimes need to give it up and wait an opportunity. i really can not find the answer and may be i can not find forever... who knows waht is the answer about it and who can tell. the life is so simple, we just make it complicated i think. for example if you do not want to have a work because it's raining, then you can choose what you want to do, yes or no. but you will consider alot of things like your coworker, boss and most importantly you will think about what will hapen to yourself then you will choose ''yes''. if you were just a kids like 4 or 5 years old you will just say ''no''. because they have not learnt too much things and they do not know what will happen not only to them friends but to themself. so who knows waht is the best answer about it. life is very simple and you can make it more simler but it's really up to you and it shoul be very bored. that's why we will get alot of experiences and make our life harder. then you can find what is important in your life at that time and you can feel you are alive. i am just 20 years old and i am still child, i will have alot of experiences and find some new things in my life. may be it will be a parson and it will be something that i can not see. well, will see... my minds will grow up, my school will start on April and i hope i can have alot of good, unforgetable experiences. even they are not good i will accept them and will say ''hard, complicated things make me grow up!''


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