Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year 2006!!

new year has started... i can not believe i spent a year and it had done. i did not do anything on 31th but one special thing was i spent a last day of 2005 with darling and my family. i don't know if we can be together and have a same time and will be a same place on next year. may be i will be in japan and he will be in england. however i am sure that i am happy that he comes here and spends a good time with me, my family and my friends. i know we will be apart and the relationships will be hard to keep but i believe him and i hope he does. i will be student(finally!!) and need to work very hard!! i have a part time job as well. i think all of those thing will bring me good and valuable experiences.
well, what do you want to do in this year?? want to make alot of money? lose weight??haha i want to!!(always) what is your goal and what is your dream? what have you done on last year? let's challenge some new things and don't be afraid of anything... don't doubt people easily. that my goal during this year. i hope i can meet alot of peaple who make me matured and give me an opportunity to understand myself more.

I wish you a happy new year and have a good time for you=)


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