Thursday, January 19, 2006

19th birthday!

well, we had a birthday party for sakiko, my sister. happy happy birthday sakiko!!=) she is 19 years old now and it is a last year of teenager! i remember my last birthday and it was really unforgettable!=) i think my sister has changed a lot, may be it because she goes to university and has alot of experiences there. it's good for her! making a good freinds is very difficult i think, and university is like a small society. everything is up to you like work, student life...everything!! i am not a student and i have not had some experiences at university but i really hope she can learn some very important thing in her life and find a goal. may be she wants to have fun now but she will have to think about her future. i believe she can find what is the real thing that she wants to do and i believe she can achieve it! of course! she is my sister!!

hope you have a good year and find yourself more then, one more thing, do not complain about your weight saki! you are thin enough!!


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