Saturday, December 10, 2005

part time job

i have started to have a part time job since last week. i am working at beer restaurant which is next to the station. usually we open the store at 7 am so we have to get there 6:30! so early!!! i have to wake up really really early in the morning and it's so difficult for me to leave the Futon!! so cold you know!? well, but i have to...=(

during the morning, so many office worker drop by and they have a cup of coffee and go to packed packed train, work hard to their family and themselve... i hope they have a good time at our restaurant and feel relieved.

we also have a lunch menu. so busy at this time...crazy! so many things that i have to do and remember. take an order, pour a cup of water, recomend some foods, ask how about have a tea or coffee and so on...!!! but, i think it is very fun for me. have a conversation with customer and give the best service that i can do. some customers come everyday so we remember what they want to have. one guy who is from England comes our store at almost same time and orders same coffee, sits at counter table then reads a newspaper with cigaret. he said to me that if i have been America! i think every foreigners ask me the same question...haha! he said i have an american accent! woops!!:p he comes our store almost everyday and we have short talks. sometime he asks me about japan and tells me how beautiful japan is. i do not realize it becouse i have not been any countries but Taiwan. he had visited all around japan for three months! so nice~!! he has been japan for almost ten years now... i am so happy he loves japan and have good moments at our store everyday!=)

but, English is hard for me still! today, one guy came in and pointed the lunch menu and asked me"waht is this??" of course he can not speak japanese and i think he thought my english is good enogh. however, i could not explain what was it. i just said that it is a beef with rice! OH MY GOD! how terrible my English is!! damn!!! i swear my english is geting worse!!! fanaly he ordered beef curry... i am so sorry sir...;( i think he wanted to try to have different foods like the food that he asked me. English, for me, is not a "very very hard language" now, that's why i am so dissapointed! may be it is a different to explain the foods or how to cook them. i hope he will come again!

one thing! the food that he asked me is "usugiri gyu rosu don" that mean is "thin slice of beef with rice"

...too late now?=)


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