Wednesday, December 21, 2005


we went to kyoto and spend a few days there. David, Anthony, my sisiter and me. Kyoto was verry verry beautiful. i had been to kyoto twice before and it was the third time to visit there. the weather was pretty good and food was ...nnn ok, i think! i wanted to try to have traditional japanese foods in kyoto but it 's really expensive and me and sister could not afford time!! actually, we just visited to kiyomizu temple and had a good sweets! haha GREAT!! but the store was not opened which i wanted to visit. it was a really good japanese traditional sweet and only in kyoto we can have those. i have had that sweets when i visited there first time. it was junior high school trip and it was hot summer. our group were haging around everywhere and we were tired and wanted to have some sweets. we did not know it was a really famous store in kyoto. i remember that tast clearly. it was chewy and sweety and it was coold dessert. may be because i was tired and i felt it was good but still, i want to have it again. so , this time it was closed so i will go there again!! wating for me, kyoto!!=)


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