Thursday, November 10, 2005


well, finally i can tell you guys these words... I AM A COLLEGE STUDENT NOW!!!
yes, i pass the exam for entrance of college today. hahaha~~~!!!! the fist semester will be started from April so i have few months... finally...

First, i really want to say thank you to everyone. thank you so much that you encourage me and believe me that i can get in. my darling, my friends, everyone said to me "you can do it, michiyo. i believe you!!" this words helps me alot... thank you so much everyone :)

i was so nervous in these few days especially yesterday and on this morning. yesterday i could not have good sleep and i think i was very quiet and weird. i did not talk as usual. i have not felt like this before even i had an experience that i failed an exam last time. this morning, i woke up very early... washing my and face, blushing my teeth, have a breakfast, talk some thing with my mom and sis but i was not there, my mind was somewhere you know? then i was waiting waiting and waiting. it seems like one moment is a very looong time. i was listning to the music that my brother and me bought yesterday. Suddenly my mom called me to clean up the house. i did not want to do but my mom was getting angry so i had better do that...:(
The bell was ringing when i was talking with my sister. my heart was beating so fast.
A post man "this mail is express post. thank you"
Me "yeah, thank you very much"
I ran upstairs and opened that mail... that said

"a notice; you pass an entrance examination of Bunkyo college blah~blah~blah~(that is not importamt for me)"

"!?!? did i pass!?!?! i get in!!! oh, yeahhhh!!!!"

i was screaming in my room.
my sister "congratulation! you get in!! so can i borrow your clothes?? " - haha, my sister and me always have this conversation. anyway, i said to my mom i get in.
my mom "yeah i heard that you were screaming. congratulation michiyo. i will be happier if you can get in better university." - well well well!! it's ok, i do not care what she says, i got in!!
my brother "sushi tonight!?" - is that all you think about!?
my dad "really!? well, did you have some test, michiyo!? i did not know that!! anyway, congratulation!!" my family...haha!!

So many friends and teachers helps me and encourages me alot. i really appreciate your help    
guys!! i will be a college student. i will study English in college and i want to try to do alot of     
things and have good experience there. i want to have an entrance examination for transfer                a four-year universtudent and get in a four-year university. this is my next gaol!!

Thank you so much everyone onece again:)


Anonymous albert said...

hahaha, michiyo i think your family is so funny. your dad seems so oblivious to everything. congradulations!!!!! and i like all your pictures.

November 21, 2005 4:15 PM  

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