Monday, October 10, 2005


did you see my picture with a beautiful japanese traditional cloth that is kimono?? don't you think i look really nice?? hahaha~~~just kidding! well, this is the second time i wore kinomo. first time i wore it is i chose which kinomo that i want to. next time when i wear it is on january 2006! in japan we have a celebration for young poeple who become 20 years old in that years. women can wear it and they look like really beautiful and graceful. on the othere hand, man just has a suit.
i think, every traditional things in thier own country are very valuable but it is getting less and almost every poeple do not have a chance to have or see those things. for example, kinomo. this cloth has very very long history,well i think! japanese has worn it since 1600 but now, i can not see people who wear kinomo often. alot of Western culture flowed into japan and in our age, no one wear this beautiful granceful and refined kinomo. so many reasons why we can not see it, it take a long time to get change and i can not wear it by myself!! it is expensive, need to be carefull when we want to do something like eating, haivng a tea, even if when you want to go to bathroom!! can you imegine how to take off it?? and it is hardly to wash. that must have annoyed!
however i am lucky to live in japan. i still have a chance to wear it and i will have an opportunities that i wear kinomo on wedding or party! but i need to know how to first!haha!! i like kinomo, even it cost my dad alot ...thak you dad!!
so, guys! let's have an interest with traditional things in your country and then you will find how beautiful that is and how valuable that is. can you guess how much did kinomo cost my dad!?


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