Tuesday, October 25, 2005

the results of my first mock test!!

well, yesterday i picked up the results of my first mock test thats i did at the end of Sep. it was good! i was very happy when i saw a "1" on my paper! yeah, i got a greatest score in the school that i wanted to go. woooow! awesome!! haha, well it sounds really good but actually it isn't. because only 35 or more people want to get into... but still!! i got a very good score! a score average of english is 110 and full score is 200, i got 139!! ohhhh, i think you guys helped me alot! thank you so much everyone!! :)
in japan, we use the percentile. it is kind of a system that we know what level student is or school is. usually, my percentile is 50 or more , and it is very common. if you can get a 50 or much higher than this, you can get into very nice school. usually we call 60 or more good. who can imagine i can get that percentile!! yes, mine of english is 62.5!!! EXCELLENT, MICHIYO!!

however, English is really hard as i said it everyday when i was in taiwan. but now, i understand why i should work hard. a couple of days ago, i went to a college that i want to get in. that college is not so big but it was enogh to make me motivate, a lot of english native speakers were there and i could talk with them very freely. that college also have a exchange student so on the campas, i could hear english everywhere as i did in taiwan. it is very nice for me!! i need to keep my ability of english not only listening but speaking!!
also i need to work hard japanese now. before i wanted to study nutrition but now i think my skin can not stand it. because of that if i study nutrition, i will do a lots of experimentations and practice cooking. every time that i do it i need wash my hads but, now, my skin is really weak... i went to see a doctor every week then i need to have cream and take medicines. giving up studying was not easy for me. i like nutrition still now. i think, life is not easy and i can not do that only i want to. fourtunately, i like english as well!! to comunicate with a lots of people make me very happy and i can see a different world :)

life is full of chances!!


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