Sunday, October 16, 2005


my family had a birthday party for my brother, nobutoshi, i call him nobu.
happy birthday nobu~~!!
he is younger than me by three years. i hope he has an awesome time in his life but he always annoyes that he is not tall. it's ok man!! you don' have to care of such a small thing almost every day! !well, actually i said to him like that and then he became really upset, sorryyyy!!!
cosidering or annoying alot of things during teenager make you mature i think. i thought nothing whan i was a high school student and just enjoyed that time and now how does your sister look like? i really hope he will not be like me and fortunately he isn't!! he is very steady and much cleverer. i am proud that he is my brother but just little tiny thing that i want him to overcome is ... please wash your cup after enjoying a milk nobu!!!your older now!!


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