Wednesday, August 17, 2005

My 20th birthday!

Well, July first, i never forget my special birthday.

the day before my birthday, i was on the bus and on the way to go to my friends house. she told me took the bus 278 but that bus did not stop where i wanted to get off!! i was thinking that may be i could see her home next stop...NEXT STOP?? well you know, the bus went to somewhere that i really did not know!! i was lost at Taipei night and i did not know where i was. i called my friend, Ayumi and she said to me "walk toward west!!!" (...probably she said to me like taht :p) but i did not know where was west!! i had to walk toward Tong Chu, and she explaned which direction was west to me but STILL i heve no idea which was which... i found i was near from taipei TV. i just walking walking AND walking at taipei night. almost one hour passed, i understood where i was because i could see 国父記念館 MRT station!! thank you Ayumi and so sorry i get lost easyly... :)

I had my birthday patry at mod which is really nice bar. i was really enjoying the time with my friends. I never forget that moments that i shared with my lovely and sweety friends. I can not believe i am twenty and i think i am not. everything that surrounds me have been getting changed but i can not keep up with those things...only me.

I think that i need to be more mature and need to understand what pople are thinking. All the time, I can not care about my good friends because they are too close to me then i am easly to forger that how important for me and kindfull of me...

Now, I am twenty. I hope that I can have a greater time this year than I had.


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