Monday, July 04, 2005



It was Canada D'eh today, I went to the Hong Shu Ling MRT station with Anthony,Michael and David.
I thought that the place was close to MRT and it was possible to go there on foot however,we needed to take the bus to go there and the bus was coming just every 30minuts...NANDE!?
I saw a lot of foreigners when we were waiting the bus coming.They wore the bikini or the swimming suite, and were talking about the beach. I heard a women said 'how long does it take from here to the beach??i think it is really close!!Because i can feel the beach still now!Haha~~~' ...Something like this.
I had not been beach for a long time and i really missed it so i was looking forward to getting there.
Fourty five minutes later... FAR FAR FAR!!! i mean for me because i had a car sick;( finally we got off the bus however i was thinking that where is the beach???And someone said we needed to walk for a while,i really hoped that meaning is not fourth minutes or more!!!And suddenly i remembered what the women said... i really hoped not!!We descended a little steep hil and walked only for a little while. Air was very nice and the weather was good,too.

The place was not so big that i expected and not so many people there may be because this camping had just started. We needed to buy a ticket before entering the gate and they gave us a small pin bage that figure of Canadian flag, i like that!
we had hamburger for lunch with drink and ...Nothing had to do! I really wanted to go to beach but i could not find it! Where is the beach??? Then David said beach is over there!!

I saw the beach but it was not as good as i was expecting it but i found the water was not so bad and a lot of little fishes, crab and something in the water! i really like to play with those creature that is living under the water. I was trying to get a craby and fishes but it was too fast to escape from my sight! Then my friend,Michel called me and said ' Look!! I got it!! ' The crab was not so big but the size was not the problem for me.
Then Anthony mustered his motivation and he was seriously looking for crab and that spectacle was really interesting on my eyes.
David and I were rumoring it about my friends,Simon who is my ex class mates.When he might be possibly be here,too!!It showed up in unblievable and he showed up to my presence really!! he come there with his frieds and we had short talk.

How long were we playing with those things? I can not remember. I just remember i was really enjoyed the time with nature and with my good friends and my darling=)

Reluctance to part by one is that I was not able to take one crab however!!


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