Thursday, June 30, 2005

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Friday, June 24, 2005


June 21th
I went to De Ling to make some Taiwanese foods like Bubble Milk Tea,a Chinese-style dumpling,Ban Ban Gi and Zhong Zhi.It was so much fun!!the tast was not so good however i really enjoyed making them and sharing the time with people who joned this activities.
This morning,i woke up about six thirty because a meeting time was sooo early in the morning!!then we got the place and started to making them.At first we formed in groups of five,Yoshi who is my class mates and he comes from japan and David,a korean girl,a finn women and me.the teacher explained to us how to make them and we followed him.Making Zong Zhi was sooo hard!the teacher made it very simply however,of course we couldn't do it like the teacher did!!!
Finally,we made all of the foods before lunch time and we enjoyed it.A Finn women told me she just came Taiwan to see her friends who is studying in Shi Da and this is the first time she has the Chinese foods!I was so surprised because everything is really familiar to me!!I have ever thought Dumpling is the special food to somebody.
By the way,a Finn women said she can not speak Chinese at all so i was soooo nervous when i spoke with her!!when we enjoying the foods,David,Yoshi and Korean women were trying to make the bubble tea at another table.I can't stand keep silence so i was trying to speak with her!!!May be she could understand what i wanted to say...MAY BE!
After that, we backed to school.I slept on the bus for a while because i had a class in the afternoon...
MAJI THUKARETA~~~!!!(>◇<) -it means i am/was super tired!!!in Japanese.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

My first blog!!!Thank you thank you!!!

Well,this is my first blog and I'm trying to write it in English so may be some words are really hard to understand but ...Please use your feeling to read it then you can see this word!If you really care about my terrible terrible English,I persuade you had better not read it... May be my world will annoy you a lot!I just hope you enjoy this world and if you have a time please leave some comments on my blog thank you! And one more thing,I would like to put some pictures on here but ...To tell the truth,I really do not know how to do that!!!Hahaha~~~so hope I will get know it and I can make this world much interesting soon!

Dearest,My friends in Japan
ど~も~!川田です!皆さん元気してたでしょうか?このサイトを見るに当たって、川田からちょこっとお詫びです。あたしがこのサイトを書くに当たってところどころ、英語で書くかと思いますが、まぁ、あたしの書いた英語を読むのに全然苦労は要らないんだけど・笑 それでも何かと面倒なことが多いかと思います!それでも、この「川田の世界」を楽しんでいただくのがあたしとしては一番嬉しい事であるし、このサイトを設立した目的でもあるので、とにかく楽しんでやってください!笑 時間とかあったらコメントを残して下さいな☆でもあんまり他人が見て傷つくことは書かないで下さいね~川田の世界はあくまで平和を目指してますので・笑 ラブ&ピースなんで・笑 それでは!

Summer in Taiwan
In these days, the weather has been unsettled and I really can't have good sleep because of a sultry night!!
In summer,I really want to have some cold sweets...I remember,once I came here with my family during summer vacation,my younger sister and I were always having some cold sweets like Shien Zao(sorry,forgive my random Pinging!!)Shi Mi Lu,Zua Ping and so on!!We really really enjoyed it!ohhhh...I miss that things a lot!!But you know,if you ENJOY it too much can you imagine what will happen in your stomach??? ha~ha~ha~sorry if you are having some foods!!However I still miss that cold cold dessert=)